The Noodle TA AFO

Off-the-Shelf Carbon Fiber AFO - Anterior Cuff - PDAC L1932

  • The Noodle TA AFO
  • The Noodle TA AFO




Medial-Lateral Control

  • Description

    The Noodle TA is easy to don and easy to use. It offers a quick and functional solution for users requiring floor reaction forces.

  • Indications

    Drop foot with limited active plantarflexion.

  • Mechanical Effect

    Mild floor reaction with a dynamic element.

  • Options

    Available with either lateral or medial strut.

    Kinetic Research will precut the footplate to size at no additional cost.

    Adjust color, height and flexibility with our Build-to-Order option

  • PDF Files

     Noodle TA AFO Sizing Chart
     Off-the-Shelf Noodle Order Form
     Build-to-Order Noodle Order Form