Custom Noodle AFO

Available exclusively Custom-from-Cast or Scan




Medial-Lateral Control

  • Description

    The hemi-spiral strut design is the most durable and most dynamic. The strut is available either lateral or medial and can be stiffened to need.

  • Pathologies

    Drop foot with no or mild medial-lateral deformities and full passive range of motion.

  • Mechanical Effect

    Positions foot for swing phase safety.

    Dampens heel strike for natural loading response and prevention of foot slap.

  • Options

    Set to desired dorsi/plantar position.

    Set to desired footplate and strut flexibility from flexible to extra stiff.

    Lateral or Medial strut placement.

    Add an SMO or custom insert for added control and comfort.

    Available with a contoured heel cup. The UCBL footplate controls the foot and stiffens the device.